Before the event

Choose the backdrop

Change the background colour of your pictures to suit the theme or colour scheme of your party or wedding.
We hold a wide range of gorgeous colours in stock, but will always be happy to make one of your choosing for your wedding photo booth or party photo booth.

We’re just as keen as you are to set the right scene for your photo booth hire – when it comes to backgrounds, as far as we’re concerned, anything you want, goes!
Choose from one of our standard curtains (block colours) or a custom background (from African prints to candy-stripes) for themed or fancy-dress events.
For corporate photo booth hire, these branded backgrounds are a great opportunity to share and spread your company name. They can be customised with repeated logos and graphics of your choice

Add a message to your prints

If you want to offer your guests an extra reminder of the event, messages of thanks, logos, colours, names & dates for birthdays or two names for a wedding can be added to the prints at no extra cost.

During the event

Animated GIFs

Create multi-frame photo animations with green screen backgrounds, custom logos, and instant uploading to Facebook, Twitter, and Email.

Green Screen

Our smart placement technology takesgreen screen to a whole new level. The guests are able to select their digital background from multiple choices on the touchscreen interface. There are able to see themselves in live preview that automatically places them in the correct location such as “surfing a wave,” “in the seat of car” or “climbing the Burj Khalifa.”

Photo Filters

Just like Instagram, our software allows the guest to add a photo filter to their photo using the touchscreen interface


Pre-load a video or text questions that guests reply to and post instantly on social media sites. You have the option to attach a “promo-video” to the uploaded video reply that will be included on all posts.
All this and data Capture, Facebook “Like” Buttons, disclaimers, surveys

Gorgeous images

As passionate about photography as providing party fun, Pod You Like photo booths have has developed their photo booths to include a professional lighting system. Our prints are very flattering.

Instant Prints

When it comes to prints, choice matters.
We offer 2×6” photo strips, 4×6” postcards prints right up to A3 size prints.


Card or magnets

Email pictures

Your guests can email their pictures in real time from the booth or from an Ipad.

Upload pictures directly to your Facebook / Twitter wall

Upload any pictures taken in our photo booths straight to individual or generic Facebook pages using the Ipad. It’s fast, and a piece of cake to use!

Dressing up box

We’ll provide a barrel of extra laughs during your party or wedding photo booth hire with a dressing up box. Hats, wigs, masks, glasses and other items will be available to your guests.

Custom-made specialized props can be arranged at minimum cost – just let us know!

Create a unique guest book

We can print extra copies to create a guest book including hilarious and natural pictures of your friends and family from the night, alongside their personal message to you. A friendly host is on hand to encourage guests to take part.

The result is a unique and truly cherishable token of your event.

After the event…

Web gallery

All your pictures will be uploaded to your very own web gallery, so all your friends and guests can see their pictures.

Choose to have your gallery set to private with a password, or leave it public for easy access.

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