Make an impact with the Pod.
Our first and original booth consistently shines within any event set up. Fully customisable on the outside and in, the only limit to its impact is imagination. It can operate to the highest quality images as a photo booth or capture HD movies as video booth or both at the same time if you so wish!


Open so every can see the action.
This super flexible set up can be transported and installed into events as quick as a flash. With all the same features and top quality equipment being used in a space saving and economical way, this booth can be transported anywhere to any city in the world.

Green Screen

Endless options for out of this world images.
With thousands of backgrounds to choose from or a specially created backdrop unique to your event, the possibilities are endless. We offer a way to transport your guests anywhere in the world with our green screen. With boothed and boothless options, you can choose to tailor a design to your needs creating lasting memories through photos or videos.